40% of all products

Purchased from the top online retailers are fake

$ 1.7 Trillion

the estimated global trade in counterfeit goods in 2015
more than the entire GDP of Australia

One Million

people die each year as a result of counterfeit medicine




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What is checkitsreal

We eradicate counterfeit products.

checkitsreal is an app-based ecosystem built on Blockchain technology to support product verification and traceability which detects and eliminates counterfeit products.

Up to 70% of products for sale by third parties on Amazon are counterfeit.

checkitsreal delivers validation tags (NFC chips, RFID, QR codes, Holograms) and verification services to all market sectors, including pharma, apparel, foodstuffs, consumer electronics, cosmetics, beauty products and toiletries.

We spend over $1.7 Trillion on counterfeit products every year.

checkitsreal is the only app available today which allows anyone, anywhere, instantly validate the authenticity of a product using their smartphone.

In a test reported by CBS News last February, 40% of products purchased from the top 5 US online retailers were fake, including all of the cosmetics.

The checkitsreal app can be configured to identify that the product has been sold and is no longer available for purchase, protecting both the consumer and the supplier.

Don’t trust its real, checkitsreal!

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The CIRToken

Product manufacturers purchase checkitsreal products and QR codes using CIRTokens. This is the only form of payment we accept.

This means that there is significant demand created for CIRTokens by the business / manufacturing community. This demand increases significantly year on year, as the company grows.

The amount of CIRTokens issued is fixed. Given the constant demand by manufacturers for CIR, considerable market liquidity will be created, helping to add value to the CIRTokens themselves.

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Executive Team

    Charlie has led and / or been involved in six separate software start-ups in Dublin, Tel Aviv and California, with successful exits in same totalling $115m.

    Charlie has been in IT for all his working life and has held many senior global commercial positions, with a focus on inventing solutions and bringing them to market.

Charlie Sherlock

Founder and CEO

    With over 25 years software experience, Christopher has been a founding director of three technology solution companies.

    Christopher is regarded as one of the top technologists in Ireland and is a recognised expert in all areas of software development, blockchain and cyber security.

Christopher Karatzinis

Co-Founder and CIO

    A former CIO of Esat Telecom and BT, Martin, a Six Sigma black-belt, is a recognised internationally for his strategic

    vision and his ability to build highly effective technology groups who deliver.

    Martin acts as mentor to many international CIO’s and COO’s. His international experience includes senior positions in Apple, Gateway and Ascend/Lucent.

Martin Wickham


    John’s prior role was as Head of Global Data Architecture and Information Services for HSBC.

    John has been responsible for delivering $100m+ projects into 70 countries and has managed up to 4,500 IT Professionals at any one time. His expertise on technology scaling, performance, payments systems, network architecture, commercial negotiations and standards are a significant addition to the team.

John Hand

SVP, Architecture and Technology

    Currently CFO for Cruatech, Liz’s prior financial experience was primarily in the financial services world, with previous senior roles in Ulster Bank, Bisys and Bank of Ireland.

Liz Sherlock


Sales and Marketing Team

    Ron is entrepreneur-in-residence for Sustainable Nation and has worked all over Europe and the USA with a variety of clients, including the Irish government, EBRD, ILO, OECD, Arizona State University, DCU, UCD, ICM, RBS, Allianz, Deloitte, AIB, Bank of Ireland, Primark, Enterprise Ireland, Ulster Bank, HP and many more.

    His books focusing on entrepreneurship and strategy have been best sellers in both Ireland and the UK

Ron Immink

VP Corporate Communications

    Sean is currently a Director of LinkedGrowth, an independent Digital Marketing firm.

    Sean has over 15 years’ experience of defining and running digital marketing campaigns across multiple digital channels.

Sean Honan

Director, Marketing

    Formerly a senior advisor with Enterprise Ireland, Gavin has over 20 years sales and marketing experience in the UK across multiple business verticals.

Gavin McWhirter

UK Market Ambassador

    Prior to joining checkitsreal, Georgia was responsible for providing 24x7 global customer support for Microsoft, Compisol and Saasplex.

Georgia Tzampazi

Customer Services and Compliance Director

Blockchain and Technology Team

    With over 15 years’ experience in technology architecture, Michalis is a recognised expert in Blockchain technology and is a lead consultant to several cryptocurrency providers.

Michalis Pelekanos

Blockchain Architect

    Having started his IT career in Telecoms in 1998, Stratos has been involved in deploying a multitude of complex IT architectures. In addition to his IT roles, Stratos is a part time lecturer and mentor on cyber security

Stratos Zolotas

Director IT Systems, Networks and Security

Advisors to the Board

    George is one of the foremost businessmen in Lebanon and is the holder of multiple global patients.

    George is the founder of a number of international telecommunications and medical companies, including Kleos and Spectronite.

George El Aily

Strategic Advisor

    Simon is a company founder, writer, journalist and digital marketing advisor. Simon is currently the no. 1 ‘People in blockchain’ listed on ICObench and has been involved in over 70 ICO’s to date.

    Simon founder of several international companies, is a frequently invited to deliver keynote speeches at major blockchain and cryptocurrency events.

Simon Cocking

Strategic Advisor

  • Milestones
  • Market Overview
  • Roadmap – 2018
  • Company progress to date

  • Sadly, it is a fact that in certain instances crime does indeed pay.

  • ICO Timeline
  • Key Dates
  • Future CIR Issues
  • KYC
  • Key facts and figures

    CIRToken is a utility token which is used to purchase checkitsreal QR codes.

  • checkitsreal commit to hold the remaining CIRTokens which are in the Company Reserve Pool for a minimum of 2 years from the initial Pre-ICO date.

    The company commit that it will not issue more than %10 of the remaining coin balance in the Company Reserve Pool in any twelve month period.

  • checkitsreal take our KYC responsibilities very seriously.

    checkitsreal have implemented a state of the art fully automated Identity Verification process to ensure that we adhere to the highest standards of corporate compliance.